30 YEARS - FROM 1989 TO 2019



Launched in 1989, the Coupe du Monde de la Pâtisserie was thought and created to spearhead the pastry, ice cream, chocolate-making and confectionery trades. Its objective has always been to promote and encourage the passing on of know-how from master to student, and to highlight the products, mindful of the optimal use of the raw materials”, reminds Gabriel Paillasson, president founder of the contest.

Pastry has gained in autonomy and conquered new territories. In the course of its 30 years of existence the contest has brought together professionals from more than sixty nations, thus creating not only a formidable community but also a great family.

This family has always welcomed great pastry chefs, including   Gaston Lenôtre, Roland Mesnier, Kazuaki Takaï, Pierre Hermé, but some of the candidates and winners of the event have also risen to prominence thanks to their participation.



"It’s a moment packed with emotions, hope, sharing, professionalism, a whirlwind of different languages and colours."

Emmanuele Forcone

Gold medal 2015

Belgium pastry chef Pierre Marcolini would not say any different: “I was fortunate enough to win the title in 1995 and I will never forget that moment. This contest requires months of preparation and efforts. It is very demanding both physically and mentally. But it’s well worth it, as it represents is a unique opportunity to make a name for oneself with the general public but also with the tenors in our profession”.

Italian pastry chef Emmanuele Forcone, Gold medal 2015, remembers his participation as being a very intense experience: “It’s a moment packed with emotions, hope, spirit of sharing, professionalism, a whirlwind of different languages and colours”.

The contest can also be the consecration of a lifetime passion: “The event offered me a unique opportunity to demonstrate all the pastry techniques I have acquired throughout my professional experience” reports Japanese pastry chef Takahiro Komai, Silver medal 2017.

Another example of the extraordinary impact that a victory in the Coupe du Monde de Pâtisserie can have is that of French pastry chefs Philippe Rigollot and Christophe Michalak, winners in 2005, who embody a new generation in French pastry, a generation that forges ahead and shines on the international scene.

“My dream has always been to share my passion for my trade. My victory was simply fantastic as it has enabled me to place the importance of French pastry on the forefront of the international scene and to shine the spotlight on it before the whole world”, explains Christophe Michalak.

As for Philippe Rigollot, his teammate of the time, he remains deeply attached to the Coupe du Monde and is now the President of the International Organising Committee: “I am very honoured to hold this role of course. However, organising this major event is essentially the work of a team involving many exchanges and discussions among the 20 members on the Committee. There is no international contest like it at this level. This means that with each new edition we need to question the conditions and requirements in order to drive the trade forward.”




We are pleased to unveil our new World Pastry Cup logo, as well as the various visuals for the continental selections.
On the occasion of its 30th anniversary, the World Cup of Pastry adopts a new visual identity declined in 4 versions for the national, continental and final selections.

The logo goes out of its frame, and gains freedom in the graphic compositions. The typography remains the same while evolving towards the codes of luxury, magnified by the colors night blue and gold.

The visual of the finale features an elegant and festive 30-year anniversary logo, drawn by an explosion of golden powder applied to the stencil.
The image of the winners expresses the values of competition: excellence, passion, as well as human values of sharing and team spirit.


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