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22 |23 janv. 2017

Combi steamers have revolutionised everyday life in the professional kitchen. Now, a new generation of combi steamers is capturing the market: the Convotherm The outstanding features of this innovative unit are perfect cooking results, flexible and reliable cleaning and functional design.

From the Advanced Closed System+ (ACS+) our customers benefit in two ways this system guarantees perfect cooking results in combination with energy efficiency and low water consumption during the cooking cycle. The result is an ideal, constant environment in the cooking chamber for all products from vegetables through meat and fish to side dishes or baked goods, whether fresh, frozen or precooked. Special functions:

-    Crisp&Tasty™: crisp cooking results in minimum time. You can program the five levels of moisture or select them manually
-    BakePro: 5 levels for the traditional baking function; no need to defrost frozen goods
-    HumidityPro: manual control for adding 5 levels of extra moisture in combi-steam mode from 30°C for succulent cooking results; also ideal for keeping food warm
-    5-speed fan: optimum results even with sensitive products such as pastry puffs

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