| Posted July 17, 2019
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Lucca Cantarin, bronze medal at la Coupe du Monde de la Patisserie in 2013 with the Italian team, tells us how the human factor remains the most precious ingredient within a pastry laboratory.





“A bronze which worth gold” This is how Lucca feels about its participation at la Coupe du Monde de le Patisserie, 2013 was definitely an unforgettable year.

Pasticceria Marisa is the family pastry shop that Lucca runs together with his sister and mother, MARISA, without whom nothing would have been possible.




Lucca, what place does the human factor have in your life and in the management of a pastry laboratory?

The most important one! Human factor is the most precious ingredient within a pastry laboratory. Working with family, in team, need lots of organization. You need to find an organization scheme that suits everyone because we spend a lot of time together and we all need to feel good in our workplace.

What are your golden rules?

At Pasticceria MARISA we currently are 12 pastry chefs with 5 permanent employees.

I would say:

Knowing how to delegate you need to learn to trust each other. For instance, letting a chef division managing the timetable or letting the staff organize themselves without interfere with them all the time. Everyone must strike a balance.

Giving time to employees

Do not put pressure on your employees: too much stress kills teamwork

Listening: I always say that it is more interesting taking two steps behind than one ahead. You have to take the time to understand what the problems are in order to find a solution.

Giving new challenges to your team: here in our pastry laboratories, the staff does different things every six month. Switching tasks is important because it gives them new challenges! Making puff pastry all your life is not so interesting…

Dignity in work: here the dishwasher has a dedicated space and dishes are brought on special timing, often at the end of the work.

Any projects for the future?

We have open a 4.0 laboratory for training. We’ll give there demonstrative classes for all who wish to know a bit more about gastronomy and pastry with the experts of the profession.

Transmission of knowledge then, a book soon?

Yes indeed, I just launched my first book “MOMENTI DI PASTICCERIA”: 24h of sweet and savory recipes!"

“We need to be grateful for all the people that give us joy; they are charming gardeners from whom our souls are flowered.”

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