| Posted May 24, 2019
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On this special occasion, focus on the realization of sugar roses! Lorenzo Puca, sugar candidate for the Italian team reveals his techniques.

The sugar rose is a very complex work, why?

I chose the rose because among all the flowers present in nature it is certainly the most beautiful and fascinating. The rose has a strong emotional significance and is recognizable throughout the world. Technically, it’s probably the most difficult flower to create in sugar. The most difficult is to achieve a result that is faithful to the original and at the same time light and elegant.

What are your advices for creating a sugar rose?

The brightness and brilliance are fundamental characteristics for the realization of this flower (as for everything concerning sugar). It is necessary to start with a perfect cooking of the sugar syrup, personally I cook it at 168°C. Then I immediately stop cooking in order not to alter the colors too much. The result is a satin phase that allows us to obtain the brilliance we want. It must be made with the right consistency, if the sugar is too hard it cannot be satined properly, if it is too soft it may be opaque. The drawing of the petals should be done with the hardest sugar to obtain the best result in terms of brilliance.

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